Donor of the Year - Michael Halle

Professionally, Mike Halle implements software solutions for some of the largest healthcare networks across the United States and spends a majority of his time on the road on these projects.  Personally, he has been a financial contributor, an advocate, a connector to others within the community with the same vision, as well as a cheerleader for wellness and neurowellness.  

A Spring 2015 introduction by donors Bruss & Krystyna Bowman has blossomed into the very successful Hippotherapy Program, which led to Dancing for Stroke, which led to a broader vision of Neuro Wellness and now Community Wellness.   Mike is an Episcopal Deacon and member of St. Matthews in Chandler, he has developed the Maranatha Orphanage in Africa, and is also a supporter of the Reid Park Zoo in Tucson, with a fondness for the Warthog.  

This award thanks him for his service. 




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