Expert Compassionate Care Close to Home Saves Lives

When Kevin Daniels left his house in Chandler on a January morning in 2020 to help his daughter with some home maintenance and to spend time with his grandchildren, he never imagined that he would wake up in the Level 1 Trauma Center at Chandler Regional Medical Center.

Linda and Kevin DanielsHe also never imagined that he would spend the next 89 days in the hospital, followed by months of home visits, appointments, complications, and relapses.  

The accident was, and will always be, a mystery, according to his wife, Linda Daniels. Doctors believe he experienced a medical anomaly that caused him to lose control of his vehicle, never braking when he left the freeway and headed toward the exit. Kevin remembers leaving the house and waking up in the hospital. He has never been able to recall the details of the actions that led to the accident. 

Thankfully, no one in the other vehicles was seriously injured, but Kevin was not so fortunate. From Linda’s viewpoint, where luck was on his side is in the fact that he was so close to an excellent trauma center. 

“The gratitude I feel for the staff at Chandler Regional is boundless. They were always there when I needed them, and they always approached us with care and kindness,” Linda said. “The nurses were amazing. We still have contact with some of them. Being in trauma ICU, I felt comfortable that he was there and being well-taken care of.”

Kevin, although not without issues, is well on the road to recovery. His journey has shown his family what a difference it makes to be surrounded by a caring network of family, friends and expert medical professionals. 

“No one expects to find themselves in a trauma ICU. No one is really ever prepared for that,” Linda said. “The staff at Chandler Regional empowered me through their empathy and expertise. They talked to me with respect and explained exactly what was going on, elaborating on complex medical terms and procedures until I understood; connecting me with resources I would have never known existed otherwise; being deeply human with me when I was lost, exhausted and afraid. They made me feel good when everything around me seemed bad. I could never thank them enough.” 

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