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Join the Florence Family in Celebrating Miracles & Family

Goal to Raise:  $10,000    Amount Raised:  $2,825 (thermometer started after last year's fundraising of $1,000)

The morning of November 18, 2015 began like most others for Debi.  She prepared her family for work and school and then left for her own job.  Shortly after, she remembers “an explosion in her head” and the worst headache she had ever experienced in her life.  A co-worker rushed Debi to Mercy Gilbert Medical Center’s Emergency Department.  The ER was extremely busy that day, but Debi was promptly seen by Wilma Eagan , nurse practitioner.  Wilma recalls her first impression of Debi, sitting there looking so healthy and beautiful.  “I had to remind myself that appearances can be deceiving, and that I had to be cautious not allow that to cloud my perspective.”

Dr. Steve Torres, ER physician ordered a CT scan which revealed a life-threatening  subarachnoid hemorrhage.  He recalls an emotional conversation with Debi where he sought to strike the delicate balance of explaining to a patient the severity of her condition without instilling panic and fear.  With her husband at her side, Debi’s thoughts went immediately to her children whom she wanted to see at that desperate moment.  Since time was of the essence, arrangements were made to transport Debi to Barrow’s Neurological Institute via helicopter instead of ambulance.  The ensuing four hour surgery was a success and Debi was no longer in danger.   

Debi feels a miracle took place that day, especially with the initial efforts of  Wilma Eagan and Dr. Torres in the ER.  “Wilma Eagan and Dr. Torres will always be a part of my family because they took care of me when I was at the weakest, weakest moments of my life, and they brought me back up and got me on my feet.  I will always, always do whatever I need to give back to them.” 

Please join the Florence Family in celebrating humankindness and quality healthcare by supporting the neurowellness and stroke programs at Dignity Health in the southeast valley.  


Bloomington would have been unbearable without you! So glad we were back yard neighbors and friends. Can you believe that on
that dreadful day Steve stopped for coffee! It's okay Steve, I got it - I flew in from Atlanta and I didn't stop for coffee :) - Denni

Dignity Health played a critical role in my survival. We are so grateful to the entire team and will continue to support their overall mission in helping others. - Debi

We love you Florence Family!

Debi and Family, I know you didn't choose this event but I love your response to give awareness so others can gain. Love you all! Sarie M. 

When my husband had a similar experience about 18 months ago, we were in the middle of the woods camping.  It took me over an hour to finally reach a medical facility.  While they did a great job, and he is doing fairly well today, he would have been even more improved if we had been able to get medical attention quicker.- Elly S.

Great story. Best to you all. Mike B.


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