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Why Hummingbirds?

Hummingbirds symbolize love, joy and beauty, and are the only creature to possess the unique ability to fly backward.  For grieving parents, this reminds us that we can look back at our babies who have gone before us. We will always remember and grieve them, but we can move forward seeing love, joy and beauty through the grief by honoring our children and cherishing their lives.  At our core, Heaven’s Hummingbirds is simply about empathy...because we know that when bereaved parents come together...healing happens.

Our Vision

Purpose (Our Why):

  • To provide empathy for parents facing the loss of a baby.

Values (Our How): 

  • We listen, we empathize, we serve.
  • We partner with hospitals, nurses and social workers to educate.
  • We connect bereaved parents with the resources they need.
  • We pause, we reflect, we remember.
  • We bring light in the darkness through sharing stories.

Mission (Our What):

  • To empower parents of the East Valley communities in Arizona on their grief journey by building the bridge from hospital to home.



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