Guided Imagery Library

The Dorothy Foundation Launches a Guided Imagery Library for Cancer Patients at Chandler Regional Medical Center

Diane Milne, a cancer survivor in remission since February 2015, has a vision to assist cancer patients at Chandler Regional Medical Center (CRMC) on their journey to beat cancer through guided imagery. Guided imagery is a holistic, mind-body therapy that consists of healing words and images, set to soothing music, to achieve specific healing goals. Guided imagery is designed to connect with a person’s innate cancer fighting immune system, which is a person’s strongest ally and oldest friend. Diane listened to guided imagery audio CDs during her treatment at CRMC and continues the practice daily for empowerment. “Guided imagery helped me decrease fear of the next treatment or procedure and gave me courage to go forward and fight with courage and optimism,” says Diane. “I am able to harness the innate healing wisdom God has place within each of us. The imagery and positive affirmations empowered me to be the key player and an active participant in my health care team.” Diane continues to visit oncology patients at both Chandler and Ironwood, where she inspires positivity, hope and empowerment within many patients.

The Dorothy Foundation is helping Diane realize her goal by donating the first 31 CDs and DVDs from Health Journeys. Some of the audio CDs include: Fighting Cancer, Optimizing Chemotherapy, Managing the Distress of Cancer, Getting Well Again by O. Carl Simonton, MD and many more. The Guided Imagery program is set to launch in July 2015 and will be named Dorothy’s Gift, in honor of Dorothy, a brave and heroic woman of faith who regularly listened to guided imagery in the mid 1970’s during her fight against cancer. Diane, along with a social worker and hospital chaplain, are preparing to train the oncology nursing staff on guided imagery and the benefits it had in her life. Upon success at CRMC, Diane aspires to deliver the guided imagery program to additional Dignity Health facilities as well as the Ironwood Cancer Research Center’s Infusion Center.

“Always remember, traveling your wellness journey is more than just a personal quest,
it is your contribution to the universal wisdom that connects all humankind.”
   - O. Carl Simonton, MD



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