Our Projects

Every year members of the Power of the Purse vote on projects they would like to support, and every year, they have successfully funded these projects. This year (2020) has a number of worthy undertakings that have been funded:

  • Helping Our Community - Small group classes of older adults learn how to reduce their fear of falling and increase their activity levels. It is a train-the-trainer program with volunteer coaches. The behavior change curriculum addresses the fear of falling and engages the participant to view falls and the fear as controllable.  Matter of Balance addresses one of Dignity Health’s top mechanism of injuries, ground level falls. It is evidence-based and works to decrease the number of falls. Fourteen classes will be held out in the community with multiple classes planned around the Southeast Valley.
  • Helping Our Community: Resources for Seniors - Dignity Health partners with the Foundation for Senior Living in the “Activate” program to ensure that at-risk, low-income seniors are managed for 90 days post-discharge. Case managers ensure their basic needs are met and their hospital discharge plans are followed, so they can get back to wellness. The Power of the Purse will help to fund items needed for Dignity Health patients in the “Activate” program. This could be medication, a walker, or even transportation to a foodbank, or transportation to a doctor’s visit.
  • Helping Our Community: Healthy Children - To decrease the number of children and families who need health care services, Dignity Health uses evidence-based prevention programs. One community program for kids is the “Children’s Dental Clinic” and the Power of the Purse will buy needed equipment, instruments, and supplies to continue to serve 100s of children who live near our hospitals. This year the women will buy eye glasses for children at approximately $125 a pair. These will be distributed in the Building Blocks partnership with AZCEND. They do the vision screenings with the homeless and low-income people they serve.
  • Helping Sustain Healthy Mothers: Cots & Blankets - The women of the Power of the Purse know that the department labeled “Maternal Child Health” in the hospital is supposed to be a happy place, yet sometimes it can be a tough visit for families or mothers who lose their infants or end up with a rough delivery or unexpected surgery. A “cuddle cot” allows a family to remain with their infant who has passed on until they are ready for the next steps. Soft, warm “kindness blankets” will be given to the nurses to be able to present them to mothers who become gravely ill or are saying goodbye to their infant due to loss or adoption.
  • Helping Sustain Healthy Mothers - The women of the Power of the Purse appreciate that not all pregnancies and deliveries are easy. Many women end up with physical injuries or their infants stay for a while in the “neonatal intensive care unit” (called NICU). While a hospital stay and medical costs are often paid for by insurance, families may or may not be able to buy the additional tools or books they need to improve the health of themselves or their babies. This funding is two-fold, to increase the education and training of therapists working with Moms and babies as well as providing families with more education, books, and therapies to see both mom and baby in a healthier place post-discharge from the hospital or NICU.
  • Furthering Excellence in Health Care: Raising Awareness for Mental Health Needs - Research reveals that each year millions of Americans live with a mental illness and it is affecting our hospitals and caregivers. The Power of the Purse will fund awareness activities for our community, patients, providers, and staff about mental health during the national awareness month of May. “Lunch and learn” and awareness days will be held in the hospital to raise awareness and to provide resources for treatment options for patients and neighbors. The educational sessions will also help providers, staff, and volunteers develop advanced communication skills to be equipped to care for patients with mental health needs that are hospitalized for other physical ailments.
  • Furthering Excellence in Health Care: Building Resilience - Nurses who interact with traumatic events are at risk for a myriad of psychological consequences. This multifaceted nature of nurses’ exposure to trauma suggests that there may be a dimension of distress that formally qualifies as post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Women of the Power of the Purse will fund a nursing research fellow who will quantify the prevalence of PTSD in nurses, measure their resiliency, and provide resources to increase it. Follow-up will include determining if resiliency skill-building had a positive effect and if the project could be replicated.



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