Jimmie Daniels

Jimmie Daniels - Finding Joy Again

Jimmie Daniels has determination and willpower.  He is an amazing example of stroke recovery using the post-stroke programs offered by Dignity Health’s Neuro Wellness Programs in the East Valley.

Jimmie Daniels had a sudden stroke 4 years ago, going immediately by ambulance to Mercy Gilbert Medical Center where he was evaluated for stroke, treated by protocol, then air lifted to the renown Barrow Neurological Center for more intensive care, lasting a week.  It took another month as a patient at HealthSouth Rehabilitation Hospital East Valley before he could come home to outpatient care.  It took an additional 2 years before Jimmie joined Dignity Health post-stroke programs such as a support group, the “Ringers of Hope” chimes choir, and the summer camp experience.   This may not seem like much, yet his efforts and these programs improved his breathing capacity so Jimmie no longer needs to pause to catch his breath between sentences. He can carry on a conversation comfortably with a strong voice, and his concentration has greatly improved. 

Possibly even more amazing, Jimmie says he can now move forward, backward and lateral.  He turns around with ease, and with much-improved balance.  He even improved his reaction time, after regularly attending Dignity Health dancing classes with Shawn Nerdahl of Arizona Ballroom Champions.  

Jimmie participated in the inaugural fundraiser last fall – Dignity Health’s Dancing for Stroke – where he enjoyed giving back to the people and the NeuroWellness programs that have given him so much. 

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