Hi! We are the advisory council for Heaven’s Hummingbirds. But that’s just a fancy term for a group of fellow bereaved parents and dedicated field experts who are here to serve. You are not alone!  Please don’t hesitate to reach out, because when bereaved parents come together...healing happens! 


Allison Anderson

Support Group Leader & Parent Education

I am the mother of four beautiful children. Our second child, and only son, Beckett Lee, was born still at 37 weeks in September 2012. After our loss, I searched for groups specific to this type of loss, and found nothing relevant in my area. I sought the advice of a dear friend, and fellow bereaved parent. Her understanding and empathy got me through those early months. In return, I have dedicated myself to helping other parents navigate the ebb and flow of their grief. I believe Beckett has provided many blessings, including pointing me in the direction to help other families through their loss. Since 2012, I have worked to advocate for parents of infant loss, spoken at remembrance ceremonies, participated in fundraisers, and provided community education. I am also a founding member and co-facilitator of Heaven’s Hummingbirds. 

I was born and raised in Alaska, and moved to Arizona in 2004. My husband, Nick, and I are privileged to be raising three amazing girls, my sunshine and two rainbows: Harper, Remy, and Scarlett. I am also a former educator. In my “spare” time, I visit our assisted living home, co-lead a MOPS group, run a book club, co-facilitate a mom group, snap photos, see as many movies as possible, and speak as openly and honestly about my sweet Beckett as possible. I feel a kin to my fellow bereaved parents, and remember, honor, and cherish them always.


Jennifer Butson

Fundraising & PR

I have never been shy to talk about my son, Bowen, and this openness carved the path for starting Heaven’s Hummingbirds. After being released from the hospital with empty arms, we returned home. The grief was overwhelming, but we felt God’s presence and from that day on, our lives were inundated with hummingbirds. Everywhere that we seemed to go, they were there. The hummingbirds provided a peace to us in our grieving. We felt God’s presence in those beautiful creatures as if reminding us that just because our son was gone, he most certainly was not lost. He is with Jesus and we would see him again.

I am currently an entrepreneur and owner of Ananda Salon and Skin Center in Chandler. I also have 3 daughters here on earth that I am raising with my husband of 11 years, Brian.  I believe that God has placed me here in this place and time to serve this ministry. Other than being a co-founder of the support group, Heaven’s Hummingbirds, I also love fundraising and promoting this ministry.


Georgi Feidler

Operations & Partnerships

My first baby, Paige, joined the Lord just 6 days after she was born. When we were in the hospital facing this unbearable pain, my husband, Rob and I so desperately wanted to talk with someone who had been through it too, but when we asked, we were told that there was no one.  We had wonderful doctors, nurses and social workers who provided us sympathy, but none had been through what we were facing. What we needed was empathy. And that is at the heart of Heaven’s Hummingbirds. In this time, we also experienced God’s infinite love, comfort, and provision. God saves in suffering, and through Paige, my husband and I found faith, hope and peace. 

I am currently an Executive HR Talent Consultant and owner of LTP Advantage, a firm that inspires companies and employees to passionately engage in their work to create big and meaningful impact in the world. I have 2 more beautiful girls here with my husband of 10 years, Rob. I help drive the initiatives operationally in partnership with each team member, and support alliances and program strategy. Serving others by lighting the path has been my greatest honor...and I feel so blessed that God has called me to this ministry to provide empathy and look into the eyes of other bereaved parents to say, “you are not alone.” 


Caitlin Gonzales

Support Group Facilitator & Parent Education

My husband Paul and I were married in 2010 and found ourselves happily expecting our first child in 2011. We were nearly 8 months into a perfect pregnancy when I became concerned our baby wasn’t moving as usual. We went to Chandler Regional Hospital hoping everything would be okay, and quickly found out it was not. The nurses could not find our baby’s heartbeat, and an ultrasound confirmed our first child had died. We were admitted, and our sweet BelloSanto was born still Nov. 1, 2011.  We were broken. We were empty. We weren’t sure how we were going to keep going in a world without our son. After those first blurry weeks and months, I focused my life back to service and supporting families who have experienced a pregnancy or infant loss. I knew support was a gift BelloSanto could give, and I never wanted a family to suffer through this loss alone. I have attended trainings and continuing education classes on grief, traumatic death, women’s issues, and bereavement. I trained and became a Grief Support Group facilitator through New Song, Hospice of the Valley in 2017 and have been co-facilitating our group since. 

I am a proud Arizona native! I worked as a Veterinary Hospital Manager while completing my Undergraduate studies, and began a career as a Training and Implementation Specialist after graduating from ASU in 2006 with a degree in Psychology. I now work with families who have experienced pregnancy and infant loss while staying home with my two rainbow boys, Cesare and Vittorio. My heart and soul belong to the bereaved and their children, and I am blessed to serve them in any way I can. 


Anica Martinez

Support Group Facilitator & Parent Education

I am a mom of two beautiful amazing babies. My daughter, Brooklyn Skye joined Jesus in November of 2013 as she was born still. My son (my rainbow) was born in 2015.  The pain and suffering I experienced in seeing my child leave this earth before me was overwhelming, and since then, I have had the heart to serve other parents that have faced the same heart wrenching experience. I trained and became a Grief Support Group facilitator through New Song, Hospice of the Valley in 2017 and have been co-facilitating our group since.

I work as a sustainability and business development manager for industrial recycling as well as an Independent Sr. Stylist with Color Street empowering women to believe in themselves and to be confident in their beauty and strength. I am passionate about supporting bereaved families as they venture through their grief journey and enjoy providing creative and artistic ways for bereaved parents to process their grief while remembering and honoring their babies. 


Lori Remley, RNC

Perinatal Bereavement Coordinator, Maternal Child Health, Mercy Gilbert Medical Center - Family Support & Hospital Partnerships/Education

I have been a Registered Nurse since 1998 serving in the labor and delivery department since 2000.  After years of serving bereaved parents and caring for their precious babies, I was ‘accidentally’ given the position of Perinatal Bereavement Coordinator at Mercy Gilbert Medical Center in 2012.  I believe that God does not call the qualified, he qualifies the called. In 2016, He created the path for me to help found Heaven’s Hummingbirds...a place I had hoped for, a place for bereaved parents to connect with other bereaved parents. This was inspired by guidance from New Song, whom I met again by ‘accident.’ With much teamwork, the first Perinatal Loss Support Group in Dignity East Valley took place March of 2017 and has continued to grow and provide empathy since. 

I am originally from Washington State, but in 1994 my husband, Dennis, and I moved to Arizona where I went to Mesa Community College for my nursing degree while raising two boys, Quentin and Zackary. I obtained my RTS training and certification in 2012. I became certified through New Song as a support group facilitator in 2016.  My heart is with the grieving parents and helping them in any way possible.


Vicki Vanden Heuvel, BSN, RNC-MNN

Perinatal Bereavement Support, Maternal Child Health, Chandler Regional Medical Center- Family Support & Hospital Partnership/Education

As the Coordinator of the Perinatal Bereavement program at Chandler Regional Medical Center since 2002, I feel so blessed that I have been the chosen one to embrace and carry many families through some of the most difficult days that they will ever experience, the loss of a child. I am deeply honored to hold this very sacred position of helping heal the truly broken-hearted family and to gently guide them to wholeness. Each of these special, sacred little lives, though short, matter and I will continue to sing these little ones’ song until the day I am called home.

I received my BSN degree in Nursing in 1980 from Marian College of Fond du Lac, Wisconsin. I became Certified as Bereavement Coordinator through RTS Bereavement Services, Inc. in 2000.  I have been married to my husband Dean since 1980, and am fortunate to have three wonderful adult children, Kate, Matt, and Sam. 


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