Join the Butson Family in Cherishing Heaven’s Hummingbirds

The caregivers at Mercy Gilbert will always be part of the Butson Family


Butson Family

Brian and Jennifer Butson’s four children were born in the Lund Family Birth Center at Mercy Gilbert Medical Center—where Jennifer also made a lifelong friend with one of her caregivers. Jennifer recalls with a smile, “The entire staff has been wonderful—everyone so friendly and warm. There’s one nurse that has always gone above and beyond for my family, Joanie Hanson-Bain.” 

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To deliver her firstborn in 2011, Jennifer had to be induced to give birth. “Joanie was with us all day long while I was laboring with my daughter Parker. It’s scary to birth your first child, because you don’t really know what the experience will be like. But Joanie was supportive, informative, and comforting.” Joanie visited the family the next morning and even came bearing a special gift. They stayed in touch, becoming friends on Facebook and in real life. 

Jennifer and Brian returned to Mercy Gilbert Medical Center in 2013, but this time for a very difficult circumstance: their beautiful little boy Bowen would be delivered stillborn at just 23 weeks.

“When we were admitted to the hospital to deliver our son, Joanie changed assignments with another nurse so she could care for us during this very difficult process. She brought us dinner to be sure that we ate and after she went home to sleep, she awoke in the middle of the night to call me and offer reassurance and love.” When Bowen was born, Joanie took time out of her life to give a beautiful gift; she took pictures, and bound them into a keepsake book for the family where they truly cherish those pictures forever.

When Jennifer and Brian’s third child was born, Joanie again switched shifts to be present for the birth. “She was absolutely determined to be there for Finley’s entrance into this world,” Jennifer says. And Joanie was there yet again on August 11, 2015, when Jennifer and Brian’s fourth child, Emerson was born. “I have always said, ever since Bowen’s birth, that there were not one, but two people who absolutely must be present for the coming of any future children: my husband Brian, and Joanie."

Jennifer compliments the entire Maternal Child Health team at Mercy Gilbert, she says "I know that their commitment to me and my family, even outside of the hospital, is truly everlasting. These are people I will know and love for the rest of my life.”

In memory of Bowen, the Butson family's little hummingbird in heaven, and in honor of Joanie and the amazing gift of humankindness they have received, the Butson Family is fundraising to support other families in the birthing centers, particularly those who must face a loss and deep grief.  The family has kindly started an endowment fund called "Bowen's Buddies" to fund support services for families into the future.


Ananda Salon and Skin Center supports your family - and is sending love and light!!!

In memory of Ayden Reid, born sleeping at 20 weeks 11/27/10 and always helping watch over his brothers. ❤

The pain of losing Bowen is reason enough to provide other families with resources to help them through this most painful time of losing a child. The love Joannie shared with the Butson family is being paid forward through all lives they touch. - Marsha

I am so glad that there are brave people like you and your family out there helping others with your story. Keep up your amazing work! - Fred L.

Thank you so much for all of your effort. This is an amazing cause and helps so many families!! - Aaron

Thank you for cherishing all of the little hummingbirds! You are an amazing family! - Julie



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