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Dignity Rising Capital Campaign

Celebrate the Grand Opening of the new Chandler Regional Medical Center 

Chandler Regional Medical CenterDignity Health East Valley strives to grow, evolve and support the critical health care needs of our community. In recent years, the East Valley population has grown aggressively and is projected to continue growing by one million new residents in the next 30 years. To continue providing world-class health care for our community, we introduced the Dignity Rising initiative to provide:

  • Greater access to excellent, compassionate care
  • Continued excellence in patient experience
  • Specialized care for mothers, babies and families
  • Expanded services in our primary areas of care
  • Enhanced levels of community outreach

Thank you to the campaign planning committee.

The Dignity Rising initiative includes expanding our facilities, investing in new medical technology and increased community outreach efforts. Ongoing projects:

  • A new medical tower is opening at Chandler Regional Medical Center, enabling expansion of our core areas of care. This addition will add 96 more beds, expanded operating capacity, and create 200 new jobs.
  • Construction is well under way for the Women’s and Children’s Tower at Mercy Gilbert Medical Center, which will offer specialized services for mothers and babies in the East Valley.
  • A partnership with Phoenix Children’s Hospital is already providing access to significantly more specialized pediatric care in the East Valley.
  • A five-story parking garage was completed at Chandler Regional Medical Center, adding 944 new parking spaces to the hospital campus.

Dignity Rising seeks to expand our level of care by hiring and training the best care providers available, acquiring new medical technology with access to new treatments, and enhancing our patient experience by investing in the healing environment of our facilities. Without philanthropic investment from our community, these would not be possible.

Through Dignity Rising we ensure our East Valley neighbors have access to the best health care, technology and care providers available in their time of need. We are proud to serve the East Valley community and look forward to providing care for all who visit our medical centers for many generations to come.

Please email your friendly East Valley Foundation Team for information.

Inspired donors also drive amazing projects that are full of humankindness and benefit families in our community.

Chandler Economic Impact

As part of the planning process, Dignity Health conducted an economic impact study to understand how the expansion and subsequent operation of Chandler Regional Medical Center will impact the local economy. We discovered this effort will make a substantial impact, including:

  • The 5-year constructino period has created more than 1,200 jobs and generating $215 million in economic output;
  • After construction, there will be 230 new jobs to operate Tower D, generating over $40 million in annual economic output; and
  • Beyond the hospital, creating nearly 300 additional jobs and over $40 million in annual economic output throughout the local economy.

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