Post-Stroke Support Programs

Senior woman in wheelchair

Life-Saving Care When Minutes Matter

When it comes to our most vital organs, our heart and our brain, minutes can mean the difference between life, permanent disabilities, and even death.  Strokes, heart attacks, and even traumatic brain injuries can yield devastating outcomes if quality care is not delivered as quickly as possible. And leading-edge care does not stop with the acute medical event – ongoing cardiac and stroke rehabilitation and patient support services are essential to optimal recovery.

Donors to the Dignity Rising Campaign helped make this state-of-the-art care possible through gifts that funded ECMO machines, patient rehabilitation clinics, and our Neuro Stroke Camps that ensure comprehensive, patient-centered care for our cardiac and neurology patients.

Thanks to you, at a time when minutes matter, Dignity Health - East Valley is there for those who need us.

Larry Bobko’s Story

Teri and Larry Bobko had just found a home in Arizona to retire to from the Midwest when Larry experienced a stroke, triggered by a blood clot in the left side of his brain. The Mercy Medical Center emergency department team offered Larry a clot-busting shot known as TpA, which has proven extremely effective in such emergency scenarios. Larry had a long road to recovery from there, but has found a “new normal” thanks to exceptional care made possible in part by our generous donors. Read Larry’s story here.


Jimmie Daniels’ Story

When Jimmie Daniels experienced a stroke, emergency treatment was just the beginning of his road to recovery. Daniels says he is grateful that Dignity Health offered a variety of post-stroke programs such as a support group, the “Ringers of Hope” chimes choir, and a summer camp experience - all made possible thanks to the generosity of donors - that helped him along the way. Read Jimmie’s story here.