Why Giving Matters

Parents with kids looking through window

Your gifts of time and treasure make a difference. Giving is the ultimate act of kindness, and giving through the Dignity Health Foundation – East Valley saves and changes lives every minute of every day.

What inspires you and your passion to make an impact and leave a legacy in your community?

The events of the past few years have reminded us how essential it is to have great health care where and when we need it. In fact, it is something we often take for granted. But for some communities this isn’t the reality – especially for those who are most vulnerable due to illness, lack of clean water or nutritious food, safe housing, or other circumstances that diminish the availability of even the most basic health care.

It does not need to be this way, and our Dignity Rising Campaign was vital in helping make care possible for our vulnerable and underserved neighbors. But the job is not done. There is so much you can do to play an important role in mitigating and even eliminating these realities with a gift through the Dignity Health Foundation – East Valley.  

Let us share with you these videos that illustrate what we have accomplished together, and how we can, as Robert Ingersoll challenges us, “rise by lifting others.”

Making a Difference Through Giving - Stories of impact.

Ensuring Healthy Futures for Our Most Vulnerable Children

For children growing up in vulnerable communities, often the most basic health care needs are a luxury. For these children at risk, hearing and vision screenings, and basic dental and primary care can make the difference between barely surviving and thriving. Every month, our clinic provides screenings, diagnostics and urgent care for children living in poverty who have no other access to care. The stories are many, including a young girl who was feeling tired and lethargic. Our diagnostics identified blood results that enabled our team to get her to Phoenix Children’s Hospital right away for further evaluation and lifesaving care.

With generous gifts from granting organizations and donors to the Dignity Rising Campaign, we were able to open the Dignity Health Children’s Medical Clinic embedded in the Chandler CARE Center at Galveston Elementary School.

Since opening, our Dignity Health physicians and nurses have cared for more than 160 children. As our thoughtful community continues to support this mission of care, we will be able to increase operations from two days a week to three days a week, and ultimately five days a week. See how this care is making a difference in the lives of children in the East Valley every day.

A Commitment to Great Health Care Outcomes

Quality care has many dimensions. It goes far beyond procedures, medications, and treatment. The best quality care leads to the best possible outcomes for every patient’s physical and emotional health.  As the pace of delivering care in our hospitals quickens, it becomes ever-more important to establish safety measures and operations to prevent adverse complications. 

Dignity Health is leading this national effort with our Measureventionist Program, led by CARE Coaches in our hospitals across East Valley. This quality and safety RN works closely with care teams throughout the hospital to lead, monitor, train, measure, and implement best practices in health care. The result is safer, high-quality care that leads to the best outcomes for our patients. 

Innovative programs like this exemplify the impact of philanthropy in our community, transforming and advancing care in the East Valley in meaningful ways. These care innovations not only benefit our patients and families, but they also help us grow and inspire our clinical teams in the important work they do to care for everyone in our community. 

Deep Brain Stimulation

Hear from patients who have benefited from a procedure called deep brain stimulation (DBS) and how their lives have been changed for the better. This program is made possible thanks to the generosity of our donors.

A Grateful Employee

When one of our employees had an incident during her pregnancy, she knew that she would be in good hands at Chandler Regional Medical Center. Learn how they helped her through this scary time and how your support makes our labor and delivery department a top choice for families in the East Valley.

Music Therapy for Stroke Recovery

Meet a music therapist who provides support to people who have experienced strokes. Stroke camp and other stroke support programs in our East Valley communities are made possible thanks to support from our donors.