Why Giving Matters

Thank you for making a difference by donating and volunteering. Everyone can find a cause that matches their passion and – every single hour and dollar invested will make a difference.  Just take a look at these three examples.  

If you can’t decide where to give, please consider this:  many of us take our health and access to quality care for granted.  We may not even think about access to health care until we are sick. And, then, help is there.  For other neighbors, this is not their reality. There are low-income and underserved families in our community who struggle with illness, malnutrition and certainly with the ability to pay for health care when they need it. It does not have to be this way.   Take a moment and remember those less fortunate, and consider how you can help to make a difference through volunteering or a monthly donation.  Whatever you choose, we hope you will give in the spirit of humankindness and compassion that we carry with us every single day at Dignity Health. 

The work our volunteers and our Foundation leads in our community is not possible without the generous support of people like you.  Thank you!  


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