Why Giving Matters

Parents with kids looking through window

You make a difference by donating and volunteering.

There is a story of kindness in action behind each gift that benefits our foundation.

We believe that everyone can find a cause that matches their passion and that every hour volunteered and dollar invested is meaningful.

Access to health care is not something we need to think about every day, until and unless ourselves or our loved ones become sick. Then, we assume that expert care will be readily available nearby. For some in our communities this isn’t the reality - especially for those who may be more vulnerable due to illness, lack of clean water or nutritious food, safe housing, or other factors that amplify uncertainty related to where and when they can access health care.

It does not have to be this way. We invite you to take a moment and consider how you can help to build a healthier community for all through volunteering or a monthly donation. However you choose to help, we hope you will give in the spirit of kindness and compassion.

We are deeply grateful for the generosity of our community. Donors, volunteers and employees are at the center of everything we do. Thank you!

Stories of impact.

Watch these videos to learn how patients and employees are benefiting from your generosity.

Deep Brain Stimulation

Hear from patients who have benefited from a procedure called deep brain stimulation (DBS) and how their lives have been changed for the better. This program is made possible thanks to the generosity of our donors.

A Grateful Employee

When one of our employees had an incident during her pregnancy, she knew that she would be in good hands at Chandler Regional Medical Center. Learn how they helped her through this scary time and how your support makes our labor and delivery department a top choice for families in the East Valley.

Music Therapy for Stroke Recovery

Meet a music therapist who provides support to people who have experienced strokes. Stroke camp and other stroke support programs in our East Valley communities are made possible thanks to support from our donors.