2018 Report

If you visit our medical or urgent care centers, you will see kindness. It is in all of the actions around you from the volunteer greeting you at the door, to someone helping you with directions, to a heartfelt good morning. Excellent care is not just high-quality medical treatment, it is also about Humankindness. You may even see our ‘Hello Humankindness’ movement as it goes out into the community or feel kindness at one of our many community programs.  

For over 50 years Dignity Health has been both providing high-quality care and serving the poor and disenfranchised in the community.  We would not be able to do either without the generous support of donors like you.  Please get involved and witness the many ways you can see the “hello Humankindness” movement. Join us for a tour , become a volunteer, make a financial contribution, attend one of our signature events, join our Women’s Circle – no matter what you choose, I guarantee you will witness kindness at work. 

Here are some examples of humankindness and donations at work in 2018



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