Kindness Closet and Assistance Program

At times, members of our community do not have or cannot obtain insurance for a variety of reasons but must seek treatment at our medical centers. Care Coordination teams at our facilities are extremely challenged in obtaining care for such individuals.  We are very thankful for The Kindness Closet and Assistance Program at Chandler Regional and Mercy Gilbert Medical Centers which is a truly innovative way to help the poor and uninsured with their health and medical needs through donations of durable medical equipment, supplies, medications, transportation and other health-related products and services. The Kindness Closet is currently stocked with donated items for patients who do not have the financial ability to pay for lifesaving devices. Your kind donation will enable our Care Coordination teams to purchase refurbished equipment, oxygen canisters, supplies, medications and other lifesaving items that are not currently being donated. 

Please remember the Kindness Closet with your Dignity Health Foundation donation! For more information call the Foundation office at 480.728.3931




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